Tapleader Analytics

An app install tracking solution


Free and unlimited app analytics

Tapleader Analytics provides free, unlimited reporting on up to some installs per day. Tapleader is a powerful in-app analytics platform that allows you to monitor the performance of your app install sources in real time, determining the performance of each marketing channel from a single interface. Never install another tracking SDK again.

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Understanding Mobile App Tracking

Currently, if you want to track installs or downloads from 10 different channels(ad networks, websites, etc.), majority of people install 10 different SDKs. By doing so, the application must be uploaded to the app marketplace while you need to wait for your app to be updated on everyone's device. This is indeed a bad choice that can be frustrating as well as time consuming. Tapleader removes the hassle and delivers tracking from various channels all with a single SDK. Additionally, Tapleader provides you information on who truly delivered the last click that led to the install. With our solution, you will always know exactly which ad network click resulted in a download. This is valuable information.

Why Tracking Mobile Apps is Essential

Here are some other reasons mobile app tracking is important.

  • The Value of Users - By discovering the true value of users, you can make smarter decisions about which media to buy and trying to introduce new people to your app. You are able to calculate this information on your own, but by using our platform, you can save your time (and money) while still getting access to the analytics data you need to succeed.
  • Most Valuable Marketing Channels - Knowing the source of installs can give you the insights to know whether or not spending money with a particular marketing channel is wisdom or not. Once you get the pinpoint of where you get the most return for your money when advertising your app, you can scale up your program with that channel and really boost your revenue.
  • Make More Money - Even if you are crazy about developing mobile apps and helping people, earning money is something that cannot be ignored. By using our mobile app tracking tools, you have enough access to a wealth of information that can help you make more money with mobile.

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